Burton STYLUS 19

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Set the Stylus to snow and make your first mark on a blank slate, the best intro to snowboarding out there.

Hands down the easiest women‰Û¡ÌÝå»s board in the line, the Burton Stylus is perfect for aspiring riders looking to build a foundation before moving on to a more performance-oriented option. Like setting a pen to a blank piece of paper, the Stylus silences your fears, teaching balance and board control from the first time you strap in. Easy Bevel combines a soft, mellow flex with a convex base for a virtually-catch free riding experience, while Flat Top‰Û¡Ì£å¢ and a true twin shape provide a stable platform that's effortlessly maneuverable no matter which way you point it. The ChannelÌ´å¬ mounting system gives you the easiest, most adjustable setup with bindings from all major brands (not just Burton‰Û¡ÌÝå»s).


  • BENDFlat Top‰Û¡Ì£å¢
  • SHAPETwin Shape
  • FLEXTwin Flex
  • COREFSC‰Û¡Ì£å¢ Certified FlyÌ´å¬ 900G Core, Squeezebox Low
  • FIBERGLASSBiax‰Û¡Ì£å¢ Fiberglass
  • BASEExtruded Base
  • MOUNTINGThe Channel‰Û¡Ì£å¢
  • FEATURESSuper SapÌ´å¬ Epoxy, Easy Bevel
  • BURTON WARRANTY3-Year Warranty
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