Head Kore 99 22 Head


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The Head Kore 99's superpower is multitasking around the mountain. The ski's construction reduces weight without sacrificing performance, resulting in a nimble freeride ski.

The core's materials have a high strength-to-weight ratio and include Graphene, Karuba wood and multi layers of carbon. Head's new topsheet shape, a sandwich vertical sidewall construction and tip and tail rocker add hero attributes to the Kore 99: stability, agility and power.


• Multilayer-Carbon
• Sandwich Cap Construction
• Karuba Pappel
• Light Weight Wood Core
• Graphene
• Topless Tech
• Structured UHM C Base
• Tip-Tail Rocker


The lightest, thinnest and strongest material in the world lives in HEAD equipment. Stronger than diamond and over 300 times stronger than steel and only the thickness of one atom, you can benefit from the most advanced material on the planet on the slopes with equipment that is lighter and stronger.

Koroyd’s thermally welded tubular structure offers unique dampening properties and keep the weight down, desirable characteristics in skis. Head’s engineers have worked with Koroyd to integrate their innovative technology into specific skis where a smooth ride and precision is paramount.