Ride C-6 21 Ride


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Ride has revamped its bindings. Four years were spent working on a new series, and that definitely paid off. A no-nonsense binding; nothing more, nothing less. The C-series Aluminium Chassis gives the binding a reactive flex and good power transfer. The Slimback Highback has a forward lean setting and the urethane allows maximum lateral freedom of movement.



The baseplate extends under the footbed, giving the binding a much more direct transfer than its competitors. The mix of aluminium and composite gives the binding a precise feel with slightly more flex than the 'normal' C-series Chassis.
The Slimeback Highback is responsive and absorbs shocks and damps vibrations.


  • Baseplate: C-series Performance Chassis
  • Heelcup: Extruded Aluminum
  • Highback: Slimeback Highback


Ride has seen to it that there is certainly still some form of comfort in this binding. They have done this with the C-series EVA Basepad. A one-piece construction that provides additional damping.
The footbed is also canted 2.5° for a more natural stance of your legs.
The two-piece ankle strap utilizes two different types of plastic, one more rigid to provide the necessary response and another urethane piece that assures the strap is comfortable and stays in place over your boot.


  • Ankle strap: Two piece ankle strap
  • Toestrap: Minimalist
  • Footbed: Canted C-Series EVA


The Forward Lean Adjuster on your highback is easy to adjust with a single motion. It is lightweight due to its slim design.
The Plastic Disc is used for mounting, which can be mounted on any type of board including the Burton channel.
The binding is equipped with the Linkage Ratchet, a buckle that is extra durable and reduces wear and tear on the ladders.