Tec/Blizz Tecnica 23 COCHISEBT 120
Tec/Blizz Tecnica 23 COCHISEBT 120

Tecnica 23 COCHISEBT 120

Brand: Tec/Blizz

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For the past 10 years the Cochise 120 has been the benchmark for fit and performance versatility in the hybrid ski boot category. New for the 2022 collection is a completely redesigned Cochise 120 that delivers innovative new technology that enhances the performance, improves the versatility, reduces the weight, and optimizes the fit and customization, while still maintaining its core focus of providing great fit, performance and versatility. The Cochise 120 features a new C.A.S. technology shell and liner that delivers a great fit out of the box but also allows you to fully customize your fit setup if needed.