Tec/Blizz Blizzard XCR TLT10 23
Tec/Blizz Blizzard XCR TLT10 23

Blizzard XCR TLT10 23

Brand: Tec/Blizz

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When you head out for a day of skiing, comfort and performance are both at the top of your mind. That's especially true for a beginner or intermediate skier who needs a little time to become steady on their feet. Our Men's Blizzard XCR Skis with TLT 10 Bindings check all the boxes. The skis provide stability as well as comfort and a relaxed playfulness that will feel good all day long.

You can explore varied territory with these versatile skis featuring 77m centering. They keep on a broken ski slope and remain beautifully groomed. Our skis provide fantastic handling in snow, sleet or windy conditions. The bindings are firm, and they handle maneuvers well. Less experienced skiers will enjoy a high degree of control, which makes it easier to take turns.