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Jan 7,2024 - Jan 13,2024

This one has been a favorite for years and always sells out early. RESERVE YOUR SPOT! 757-428-7551 !!

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Rental Rates 2023/2024


Daily $36 $36 $25
Daily Performance $46 $46 N/A
Weekly $160 $160 $100




Damage Insurance

$5 First Day and $2 Each Additional Day

Optional - HOWEVER user is responsible for ALL repairs to all
equipment above and beyond normal wear and tear.

**Damage Insurance Does Not Cover Loss or Theft**



All cancellations must be made with a 48 hour notice prior to pick up date in order
to receive a RENTAL CREDIT for future use within the same season.
If cancellation is given within 48 hours of pickup date the customer will forfeit the
cost of the rental.

No refunds on Rentals


Interested in being a Trip Captain?

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2024 Eastern Destinations:


To all of our Ski and Snowboard Friends;


Ski World officially started in September of 1977. However, it was a ski trip that Nick Savage chaperoned for his students at Bayside High School in ’76 that was the catalyst for what Ski World has become over the past 45 years.


Running local bus trips for our retail customers and private groups has been part of our heritage and what has made us a unique Ski/Snowboard shop. In recent years, we were one of only three known shops on the East Coast to offer this service.


Covid has been a game changer the last few years and all resorts had major restrictions to which they had to adhere to just to be able to operate. The one that affected us the most was having to commit to lift ticket purchases one week ahead of departure and if purchased tickets were not used they would not roll over to another day. Historically, most of our retail customers would wait, for good reason, till a day or so before the trip before signing up just to be sure conditions would be good for their day of skiing.


This policy did not allow for late sign ups and it made it very difficult to fill buses and resulted in many cancelled trips; a situation not favorably accepted by our customers and our wonderful trip captains who each committed their time to be on or run the trip for that day. We hated having to cancel each of those trips but it’s hard to send buses with only 10 – 15 people.


When Covid somewhat subsided, this policy did not change but we pushed on, sending a handful of trips in each of the last two seasons. This year, with demand at Resorts continuing to grow and things getting more crowded, resorts have made the business decision that they do not need to discount their tickets to shops like ours; as they will sell every single ticket they can for a lot more money. It’s capitalism and we are all for it but, coupled with the cost of gas, the bus prices for our trips increased by almost 50% and we needed to make a decision.


After much thought and deliberation, it is with deep sadness we must announce the end of our Eastern Bus Trips. We will still be doing our Western trips for the foreseeable future.


We are disappointed that this part of our business has come to an end but we are still here stronger than ever and committed to helping everyone have the most fun they possibly can on the mountain.


We will continue to offer rental ski and snowboards at pricing the resorts can’t touch, as well as having the quality gear that you have been accustomed to from us the past 45 years. See you in the Shop!


Thank You,


Ski World Management