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Tec/Blizz Tecnica 23 MACHSPORTW 65HV
Tec/Blizz Tecnica 23 MACHSPORTW 65HV

Tecnica 23 MACHSPORTW 65HV

Brand: Tec/Blizz

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The Tecnica Mach Sport 65 HV is a fantastic ski boot for the true beginner to mellow intermediate skier who has a mid-wide to wide forefoot and medium to large calf volume. Tecnica's LiftLock Buckles make slipping on and off the boot incredibly easy, these buckles stay up and open when you want them to. The Sport NFS (Natural Foot Stance) Liner has an abducted stance with the toes pointing outward the way you would naturally stand to keep you comfortable in your boots and help you ease your skis onto their edges. Celliant in the liner helps keep your toes warmer and more comfortable. Celliant is a heat reflective material that bounces body heat back to its source. An Adjusting Top Cuff Ratchet makes getting that top buckle on the cuff just right, and can accommodate a wide variety of calf sizes, even the largest ones. If you want a soft boot, with a very accommodating fit geared towards beginner skiers, the Tecnica Mach Sport 65 HV is a great option for you.